Take Kroger Feedback Survey at www.kroger.com/feedback [official site]

Are you Interested in Taking KrogerFeedback Survey to Win 50 Fuel Points? If you had completed your shopping at your Kroger, a printed purchase receipt is given to your hand. Kroger conducts a survey to know about customer satisfaction with their brand product’s quality and customer service. Kroger welcomes you to official customer survey program by welcoming to official feedback site : www.kroger.com/feedback.

You can submit your feedback on kroger.com/feedback based on the shopping experience you had at the kroger stores. Tell us about your experience in the Survey quessionnarie who your shopping went at Kroger. By receiving feedback, Kroger.com shall reward 50 fuel points for survey participation. So Open up, share your opinions, reviews, suggestions really matters to every grocery stores to serve you better.

What’s the benefits of taking survey at KrogerFeedback ? After completion of survey at www.kroger.com/feedback (previously www.krogerfeedback.com), 50 fuel pt bonus is awarded as incentive for participation. Additionally customers can get a chance to win offer rewards like $5000 & $100 gift cards once you register your infomation at the end of sweepstakes.

Kroger Feedback Survey Details

Sweepstakes NameKroger Feedback
Official SiteWww.Kroger.com/Feedback or Www.krogerfeedback.Com
Incentive Offered50 Fuel Points Bonus
Available LanguagesEspanol & English
Entry MethodKroger receipt
Validity7 Days From Purchase
Time Required5 – 7 minutes
Additional Rewards$5000 & $100 Physical Gift Cards
Redemption DetailsValidation Code
Eligibleloyalty program member
Minimum Age18+

How To Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey ?

First, You need to take KrogerFeedback survey, keep the purchase receipt ready in your hand given to you at the store. Before you begin the survey, make sure the entry id you that is printed on the receipt was accurate. This Kroger customers participate in feedback survey to know the customer satisfaction in return reward fuel points.

  • To begin the kroger customer survey, please visit the official site : www.kroger.com/feedback
  • After visiting the Official survey site, you can select the language (espanol or english) which is user friendly.
  • Soon after selecting the espanol or english language and enter the Entry-ID printed on your purchase receipt over there.
  • Now Just Input the “Entry ID” printed on your purchase order receipt.
  • If you do not find the ID printed on your receipt, Click on link ” If you do not have a 18-digit Entry ID printed on your receipt, click here”.
  • Type these details : Entry-ID, date of visit, time of visit, & give the store id and amount spent if you do not have the receipt.
  • The page opens to an online questionnaire.
  • Answer the set of multiple choice questions asking you about quality of products at the store, service offered at the stores.
  • Submit your feedback by answering all multiple-choice questions based on experience you had at stores on your last visit.
  • Your Feedback will be submitted & the survey is completed.
  • Then the validation code is displayed on your screen.
  • Write the validation code on your receipt to get 50 fuel points directly to your Plus Card or Alt ID
  • Produce the receipt with written validation code for redemption and receive 50 fuel pt bonus.

Note : The Survey can be taken once every 7 days (168+ hours) per household.

Eligibility To Participate in Kroger’s Survey

  • Each household member is limited to take 1 survey per store every week (7 days).
  • Kroger Plus Card/Alt ID is required to earn 50 fuel points.
  • Participant must be atleast 18 years old to enter into the sweepstakes
  • For Participating in Kroger survey, customer purchase is required
  • A receipt with printed Entry Identification number is neccessay to take part in the survey.

Most customers love to shop at Kroger because it operates supermarkets and multi-department stores with wide variety of products throughout the United States. Also the Shopping experience with Kroger can leave customers with a pleasurable impression because of product availability at cheaper prices along with friendly customer service, and store ambiance.

Sample Questionnarie

  • In the near future, how likely are you to shop at Kroger again?
  • Would you like to add anything more about your most recent Kroger experience?
  • Do you Visit Kroger frequently?
  • To what extent were you pleased with the products’ quality that you bought?
  • During your visit, did you find what you were looking for?
  • Regarding your recent shopping at Kroger, how would you rank your level of satisfaction overall?


How to Leave Feedback at Kroger.com/Feedback ?

Kroger designs an official survey for leaving your feedback just by answering few questions through online.

Does Kroger conducts surveys through Offline ?

Kroger stores conduct their survey only through online at www.kroger.com/feedback.

How much time does it takes for survey participation ?

Participant just need to spend less than 5 minutes to participate in survey at official site.

What should I answer in the quesstionnarie ?

Respond to the quesstionnarie by choosing Highly Satisfied = 5; Satisfied = 4; Neutral = 3; Dissatisfied = 2; Highly Dissatisfied = 1;

I Don’t have entry ID printed on my receipt ? What should I do now ?

Click on “If you do not have a 18-digit Entry ID printed on your receipt” and enter your Visited Date, Visited Time, & Store’s ID to initiate the survey.

Is there any minimum purchase required to participate in the survey ?

No..!! You just need to have Kroger Plus Card/Alt ID to obtain 50 fuel points.

Why is this Sweepstakes named as Kroger Feedback ?

Kroger received feedback from customers who enter into the sweepstakes, So for this reason sweepstakes was named “Kroger Feedback“. However receipt is essential for entering into the survey.

Why should i submit my feedback ?

Customers who shop at Kroger stores are eligible to send your feedback to get 50 fuel points by sharing your experience at Kroger helps them to improve products and services

Is Kroger cheaper than most of the popular brands ?

Kroger has lowest prices with lot of product availability in the store.

Whats so special in branded products available in Kroger family of stores (such as Ralphs, King Soopers, or Fry’s) ?

Kroger affliated stores offers brand products that are low priced and were not preserved for long days.

I couldn’t access the www.kroger.com/feedback website ?

KrogerFeedback.com is now migrated officialy into Kroger.com/Feedback. If you couldn’t access the survey site, Copy the URL into your browser’s address bar.

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